J. J. Bishop Family of DeKalb and Etowah County, Alabama
John Jesse Bishop b. 12/3/1867  d. 2/10/1917 son of Robert S.
Bishop b. 7/18/1830  in SC  d. 9/22/1902. A family Bible has his
wife's name as Sarah Tidwell, Robert Bishop was married at
least twice first to Jane unknown  and second to Nancy Tidwell
Rooks. (Information obtained from cousins Lacy Bishop and
Tony Bishop)  Robert and Nancy lived in the Sand Rock
community, DeKalb County, AL when sons, J.J., Andrew,
Charlie, and George were born.  John Jessie Bishop and Miss
Neeley Allen were married on 9/14/1890 by  R. J. Shelley,
Justice of the Peace.
Emma Cornelia Allen b. 11/28/1873  d. 12/9/1923, daughter of
Augustus "Gus"  A. Allen b. 2/8/1852 d. 8/22/1915 and wife
Margaret Stockton Allen b. 1848.d. 5/14/1876.
  Gus' was
married four times 2nd m. Emma Hughes and 3rd m. to Sarah
Caroline Dobbs.  Gus Allen married Mary Jane Rooks Bishop  
b. 8/20/1861 d. 2/24/1950 on  9/5/1889
The Bishop children  when their brother
Paul Bishop was killed in an accident
10/29/1943.  Left to right, Jimmy, Verna
Busby, Rachel widow of Paul, Jesse Jr.,
Della Weeks, Alleen Johnson and Edgar
Children born to J. J. Bishop and Emma
"Neeley" Allen Bishop.
Hershall Franlkin b. 10/15/1892 d. 10/25/1897
Annie Bishop b. 9/6/1894 d. 2/12/1896
Della Bishop b. 7/3/1896 d. 6/2/1970
Jimmie Bishop b. 4/8/1898 d. 5/17/1973
Donia Bishop b. 3/10/1900 d. 1/8/1904
Edwin Bishop b. 7/16/1902 d. 2/4/1903
Edgar Bishop b. 12/13/1904 d. 4/1/1961
Bernice Aileen Bishop b. 3/29/1907 d. 6/1976
Paul Bishop b. 6/17/1909 d. 10/29/1943
Verna Bishop b. 8/1/ 1912 d. 6 /15/1979.
Jessie Junior b. 10/1/1916 d. 11/7/1970.
Edgar Bishop and wife, Della
Daniel Bishop 1961.
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A Bishop Family Reunion  in 1965 at the home of Jesse Bishop, Jr. and wife, Frances Street Bishop.
Back row left to right Frances and Jessie Bishop, Huley Johnson, Lovern Busby, Uncle Bill Walker (no relation to family, just good friend from Winston County, Alabama) Odis Bishop,
Paul Bishop, James (Hezie) Bishop, Roger Bishop. Next row at the right of Jessie Bishop, Evelyn Johnson, Della Daniel Bishop, Glenda Busby, Mavinee Hamrick Bishop, Sara Byrd
Bishop, Jo Bishop Gaither, Rachel Cornelius Bishop, Glenda Bishop.  Sitting in chairs Aileen Johnson, Della Weeks, Verna Busby, Lula Bishop, Buna Bishop, Fannie Aaron Bishop, Jim
Bishop, Joyce Bishop Palka.   Front row left to right children Julia Bishop, Susan Bishop, Fran Bishop, Dale Bishop, Randy Bishop, Timmy Palka,  Sandy Bishop by Grandmother Fannie
Bishop, Valerie Palka, Brian Bishop, Rhonda by her mother Joyce.
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Left standing Jesse Bishop, Jr., Jimmy Bishop, sitting Aileen Johnson,
Verna Mae Busby and Della  Weeks taken 1965 at family reunion.
A. A. Allen signed a note for his
daughter, Emma,  to marry J. J. Bishop.
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Census records have Robert Bishop age 20 with
family in 848th District of Paulding County, GA
1850, page 76.  Also 1880 census of DeKalb
County, Alabama Township 9 listed as Bushop.
John Jesse Bishop was married first to unknown and had
daughter Dovey Bishop April 1889 who married  
Rudolphus McCullers b. 1886 and had son Cecil
McCullers b. 1907 and daughter Evis McCullers b. 1909
and at least another son.
John Jesse Bishop and Emma Cornelia Allen