Wilburn Abbott decendants of Cullman and Winston County, Alabama
Children born to Wilburn and Rebecca Calvert Abbott and their children:
1. Emily "Emma" Abbott b.11/5/1976 d.12/24/1962 and Sterling L.O. Miller b.9/6/1875 d. 8/14/1947 had the following children:
  1.  A. Evie Miller dau. b. 2/5/1896 in Cullman County d. at age 2
  2.  Rosia "Rosey" Miller dau. b. 9/1/1898 in Cullman County, Alabama m. James "Jim" Henderson
  3.  Wiley W. Miller son b. 8/8/1901 in Cullman County, Alabama m. Maude Marsh
  4.  J. Marsh Miller son b. 1/15/1905 in Cullman County, Alabama m. Arzora unknown
  5.  Columbus G. Miller son b. 5/26/1907 in Cullman Co. AL d. 5/16/1979 m. Lillie Bell Finey b.7/7/1913 d.10/19/1989.
  6.  L.R. Miller son b. 3/2/1910 in Cullman Co. d.9/9/1910 bur. in Ryans Creek Cemetery, Cullman Co. AL
  7.  Sam M. Miller son b. 8/11/1911 in Cullman Co., AL m. Anice Stewart dau. of William and Lula Stewart
       Children:  Geneiva, J. L., Carlton, Jeanette, Juanita and Jewell
  8.  Nathanial Miller son b. 2/11/1914 in Cullman County, Alabama m. Ruth Exum
2.  James "Jim" Abbott b. 6/9/1878 d.4/5/1967 and wife Etta Marian had the following children:
  1.  Curtis Abbott son b. d. m. Luvena Parker dau. of Sam Parker - children of Curtis & Luvena Abbott are:
       Lola Mae, Eula Mae, Berta Mae, Claire Dean, Samuel Eugene, Mabel Jane and James Alfred Abbott.
  2.  Carl Abbott, son b.5/4/1911 d. 7/13/1966 m. Ruby Busby b. 1/1/1916
  3.  Cecil Bertis Abbott son b. 11/28/1912 d.6/7/1968 m. Ruby Brown dau. of Barney & Margaret Brown
  4.  Alton Abbott son b.
3.  Joe Abbott b. 11/6/1881 d. 9/16/1968 and wife, Belle b. 7/27/1887 d.2/1/1960
   I.  Melvin Abbott b. 3/4/1908  m. Iola Hoyle b. 2/17/1910 d. 5/24/1993 - Melvin and Iola's children are:
       1.  Leon Abbott
       2.  Maybell Abbott
       3.  Lorene b. July 15, 1935 d. May 24, 1998 m. Hansel Hammock b. Oct. 13, 1925 d. May 31, 1992. Children:  Bobby Hammock,
Peggy Hammock and Martha Hammock
       4.  Burl Lee Abbott
       5.  Ellerday Abbott
       6.  Sandford Abbott
       7.  Cecil Abbott - children  a. Samantha - son Shane  b. Mark c. Jessica.
       8.  Arville Abbott m. ___  Children: a. Jerrett m. Jenny b. Joe m. Tammy - son Wesley c. Katie -girls, Kalaugha, Amanda and Allaura d.
Heather m. Rod - children Rebbecca, Kyle and Kaitlyn e. Sam  - boys, Angus and Tristan.
       9   Darlene m. Gary Bates children: Chrissy and Jeff (had one son who died in infancy)
      10. Jewel
      11.  Lelton  m.1st Dawn - children Terry and Jennifer. m2nd. Mary children:  Melissa.
         (addition info on this family supplied by Samantha Abbott)                
4.  Nancy Abbott b. 9/9/1886 d.12/27/1974 and Benjamin J. Busby b. 12/23/1890 d. 1/28/1941.  Children:
  1.  Henry Busby b. Cullman County d. as infant
Lovern Busby b.7/6/1911 Cullman County d.1/13/1975 m. 7/18/1930 Verna Mae Bishop b. 8/1/1912 d.
7/15/1979.     Children:  Dwight L. Busby b. 4/10/1931 d. 10/9/1961  and Glenda Y. Busby b. 5/31/1949
2nd marriage Nancy Abbott to John Aaron.  The following children were born:
   1. Calvin Aaron b. 4/25/1917 d. 9/3/1985
   2. Daniel Aaron b. 7/19/1919 d. 5/3/1995
   3. Ardelle Aaron b.3/23/1923 d. 5/2/1999
   4. Robert Aaron b. 3/3/1926 d. 2/3/1996
   5. James "Tud" Aaron b. 11/20/1927 d. 6/8/1996   
Some information on this family obtained from Dewel and Dolores Lott's
Our Calvert Kin Volume I
5. Julie Abbott b. 6/16/1890 in Cullman Co., AL m. 4/25/1906 to James Jackson Tingle, son of Andrew J. and Shug Tubbs
Tingle b. 2/22/1878 in Cullman Co., AL d. 12/26/1941, bur. Boone Cem., Tuscaloosa Co., AL
 1.  Lummie Tingle b. 2/15/1908 in Bremen, Cullman County, AL
 2.  Maudie Tingle b. 2/12/1910 in Marion County, AL.
 3.  Rosie Tingle b. 3/29/1912 in Marion County, AL
 4.  Andrew Tingle b. 7/4/1914 in Marion County, AL d. 1931 bur. Boone Cem., Tuscaloosa Co., AL.
 5.  Andra Tingle
 6.  Liddie Tingle b. 7/10/1923 in Walker Co., AL.
 7.  Cecil Tingle
 8.  Gladys Tingle b. 2/5/1930 in Samantha, AL
 9.  James Tingle b. 6/28/1933 in Fayette Co., AL.
6. Tilda Abbott b. 12/14/1893 in Cullman Co., AL d. 9/30/1960, bur. Valley Springs Cem. Cullman Co., AL  m. W. Harvie
Hambrick b. 10/20/1886 in Cullman Co., AL son of Joseph and Luck Key Hambrick.
  1.  Pearl Hambrick b. 8/30/1913 in Cullman Co., AL.
  2.  Marvin Hambrick b. 4/10/1915 in Cullman Co. d. 10/9/1915 bur. Mt. Hope, Cullman Co., AL.
  3.  Hettie Hambrick b. 8/13/1916 Cullman Co., AL. d. 7/5/1917.
  4.  Verler Hambrick b. 6/24/1918 in Cullman Co., AL.
  5.  Bertie Hambrick b. 1/24/1921 in Cullman Co., AL.
  6.  Lillie Hester Hambrick b. 4/14/1922 in Cullman Co., AL.
  7.  Jowel Hambrick b. 3/11/1925 in Cullman Co., AL.
  8.  Arvel Hambrick b. 2/26/1927 in Cullman Co., AL
  9   Josie Hambrick b. in Cullman County, AL.
Tilda Abbott 2nd marriage 1/25/1933 in Arley, Winston County, AL to Samuel Welch.
  1.  Mervelene Welch b. 11/6/1933
Tilda Abbott 3rd marriage 12/6/1943 in Cullman County, AL to Robert Franklin Brewer b. 6/1/1882 in Cullman County, AL  
son of David and Mattie Brooks Brewer.
7.  Delphia Abbott b. 7/3/1896 m. 1st Chester C. Williams
  1.  Ester Williams
  2.  Leroy Williams
2nd mar. Joseph Clifton Key
  1.  Bill Key
3rd mar. Curtis Hames.
8.  Riley Abbott b. 10/14/1899 in Cullman Co., AL d. 8/24/1970 bur. Pleasant Hill Cem. Winston County, AL m. 12/3/1917 in
Crane Hill, Cullman Co., Al. to Sarah Ann Aaron b. 5/3/1901.
  1.  Alvin Abbott b. 10/13/1920 in Winston County, AL died 1999.
  2.  Hazel Abbott b. 6/21/1922 in Winston County, AL died 2005.
  3.  Doyal Abbott b. 5/11/1926
  4.  Loyal Abbott b. 10/11/1929 died 2005
  5.  Evelyn Abbott - died when less than a year old.
  5.  Arnold "Cooter" Abbott b. 4/10/1937
  6.  Betty Faye Abbott b. 1/21/1941.
  7.  Bobby Abbott b. 1/21/1941  died when just a few days old.    
9.  Mary Abbott mar. Charlie F. McDaniel.  Both Charlie and Mary buried at Arley Cem. Winston Co., AL.  No grave markers
on graves.  Two sons both bur. Arley Cem. Winston County, AL.